He Said No. I Said, Look At Me Go.

So I started working out again. I am GOING FOR IT. Not really sure what my end goal is, but can I just say yesterday I absolutely smashed it and then today I smashed it again. I am feeling really good. 6th day in a row. My buns hurt. My thighs hurt. I have to… Continue reading He Said No. I Said, Look At Me Go.


Tuesday Round Up. Episode 1.

Woke up today before my early alarm. Tried to go back to sleep but my alarm went off 10 minutes later. Turned off my alarm and forced myself out of bed. Got dressed into gym clothes to motivate and remind the body and mind that I need a six pack in the end of time.… Continue reading Tuesday Round Up. Episode 1.

Book Recommendations

I have never been one to pick up a book. I hated reading in school, I would usually scan the book, watch the movie version, and/or spark note the synopsis. I mean I read Junie B. Jone (mom read to me), I read and was fully obsessed with Series of Unfortunate Events, and in high… Continue reading Book Recommendations

2018. Finally.

Can i just say last year was a complete failure for myself. I mean honestly, there were 2 good things that came out of it, maybe 3, but for the most part, failure. I am so so so happy it is a fresh year. Also excited because my birthday month is next month and I… Continue reading 2018. Finally.

Is This Now “Adulthood”?

I have finally done it. I finally have health insurance. It only took me 10 bloomin' months. You have no idea what a relief that is to myself. Like I didn't think it was a big deal, but then I didn't have it and boom, I was dreading any daily health issues or accidents, or… Continue reading Is This Now “Adulthood”?

Movie Moments IRL

You all know that scene, the one when the main character decides she/he will become a better individual. The music builds to peppier times, with montages of eating better, throwing out bad books/clothing/photos/etc., the character gets the job they always wanted, or they lose 50 lbs, or maybe they just smile more. You know, THAT… Continue reading Movie Moments IRL

Help! My Salsa Is Stuck In A Jar!

The other night, after I came home from dinner with my parents, I was HUNGRY. I'm not sure why, I mean my mom fed us well and I had been quite full, but there I was, 8:30 PM, hungry. I scavenged the kitchen finding unopened lime chips and an unopened jar of salsa. PERFECT. Opened… Continue reading Help! My Salsa Is Stuck In A Jar!

If There Are 8 Billion People In This World…Where Is My Person?

So, the other night, a few glasses of wine into the night, my friends and I had a breakdown. I mean the breakdown was inevitable as we were on bottle #2, but...we weren't really expecting it. You see, men. I don't see them. Like I know they exist, but I don't know where that location… Continue reading If There Are 8 Billion People In This World…Where Is My Person?

Wedding Opportunities?

A few weeks ago I had the lovely opportunity to attend my cousin's wedding. It was on a farm and an absolute joy of a day. Now mind you, my cousin and myself were very close growing up, so it was a major shock to the system when she did not include me in her… Continue reading Wedding Opportunities?


Hello to anyone who is reading this. My name is Mademoiselle Jones and yes, that is not my real name. I have entered a point in my life where my other blog was getting a lot of traffic, but like not the good traffic from fabulous people like yourself, but from family. It got to… Continue reading Bonjour!